Spartan 190- Ryei
330px-Halo spartan revy by cheese demon-d31xyo8
Real Name Ryei Kira Reznov
Spartantag Spartan-190
Homeworld Planet Reach
Date of Birth March 13th, 2513
Date of Death December 12, 2540
Age 27, years old.
Gender Female
Height 5 ft & 8 inches
Weight 154 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eyes Black
Cyber Spartan Neutral Interference
A.I. None
Armor Colors Primary: Black

Secondary: Red

Armor Equipment Hawk-Eye Visor (Special Equipment)

Specter Unit (Special Equipment)

Weapons Zeta Integrated Scope Sniper Rifle Zeta integrated scope sniper by moschonn-d46g7ed
Affiliation UNSC, United Earth Government, Team Phantom
Rank Lieutenant
Speciality Infiltration & Marksmanship
Battles Operation: Blind-sight, Operation: Suicide, Operation: Recovery, and Operation: Standoff
Status K.I.A.
Creator Soul_Eater111
Da, I remember the day when Planet Prime was destroyed....

–- Ryei reflecting on her time on Planet Prime.

Ryei Kira Reznov is the scout and sharp-shooter of Team Phantom and she was the third member of Team Phantom. She was renowned for her excellent marksmanship never missing a shot. She is one of the few people who didn't hold a grudge towards the Covenant for killing her parents.



Ryei Kira Reznov was born on March 13th, 2513 to Russian parents in Mifrilovyĭ military base on Planet Reach. She was brought up under strict military code eventually leading up to recruitment in the UNSC. Her father being a Staff Sergeant in the UNSC has personally drilled her. Since then she never met up with her father's exceptions, always being out-shined by her older sister Melisse. Day by day she would always push herself past her limits but never earned her father's acceptance.

At the age of 13, she was put in a special training camp for young recruits in the the forests of Stalʹgorn. She at first received high scores in almost everything, but after a few months of being in the camp she started to slack off. Receiving various low scores on her tests, showing up later for the classes, sometimes not even showing up, had poor marksmanship, and had a problem with authority figures. Because of this she hasn't graduated from the training camp being kicked out of the camp due to being unfit for duty. She was sent back to her family but her father was very disappointed in her and tried kicking her out.

Her father would later be deployed to Planet Alatyr to Installation 03 to help push back the Covenant forces and prevent the Installation from being taken over. They fought to the last man, there were no survivors. Installation 03 was taken over and soon the whole planet was glassed.

The family received a notice from the UNSC concerning the death of Staff Sergeant Andrei Stanislav Reznov. Ryei feeling responsible for his death ran away from home. She drifted to village to village. Becoming a mercenary at the age of 15. After years of drifting she came to a sudden realization that she cannot keep running. She stopped by the old home, no-one was home. She found out that after she had ran away from home, her mother died from depression. Her older sister was enlisted in the UNSC.

She wanted to avenge her father's death and the death of her mother. She went to the nearest UNSC recruitment office and signed up. She was sent the same training camp in the forests of Stal'gorn. She received high test scores and was the top of the class in marksmanship, though she still had a problem with authority figure, making numerous of threats to them. She graduated from the training camp and became Private in the UNSC army.

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