Spartan-189 Rodrick
Bane color by harry7mason
Real Name Rodrick Mason
Spartantag S-189
Homeworld Planet Reach
Date of Birth February, 12th, 2509
Date of Death ?????,??, ????
Age 31, years old.
Gender Male
Height 6ft & 4 inches
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eyes Black
Cyber Spartan Neutral Interference
Armor Colors Primary: White

Secondary: Steel

Armor Equipment Zero Driver, Gear Shift Unit, Spacial Distortion, Over-Enhanced Equipment, and Thruster Pack.
Weapons Dual Pistols & SMGS
Affiliation UNSC, United Earth Forces, and Team Phantom
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Speciality All Range Combat Expert, Air Assault, and Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert.
Battles Classified
Status M.I.A.
Creator Soul_Eater111
If you're strong you live and if you are weak you die.

–-Rodrick after saying those words he pulls the trigger....

Spartan-189 Rodrick was the former leader of Team Phantom, and was one of the first handful of Spartans to have A.I. implanted in their brains. He is now a Rouge Spartan. For unknown reasons he leaked information to the RazbityeStala concerning the A.I.