Real Name Darius
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6.3ft
Weight 223
Resides Outworld
Origin Sacramento, California (Earthrealm)

Temple of the Orchideaters (Petalis)

Appearances Mortal Kombat (2011), Mortal Kombat X
Species Human (raised as Petalian)
Allies Raiden, Reptile, Nightwolf, Takeda Takahashi, Scorpion, Jacqui Briggs
Enemies Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Sektor, D'Vorah
Weapons Petalblades
Fighting Styles Petaldance
Alignment Good (formerly Neutral)
Creator CommanderCrunchy

 Phlox is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat series who made his fictional debut in Mortal Kombat (2011). He is a flower based fighter, who relies on agility.


Originally a child from Earthrealm known as Darius, he was playing in his parents garden when he found a beauitful pink flower which had transported him to a world known as Petalis, a realm which had broken away from the sight of the Elder Gods for countless generations. Darius had wandered through the endless jungles for hours until he was found by members of the Orchideaters, a group of warrior-priests dedicated to protecting their realm in service of the Seedmother, the Petalian Goddess of Life.

Originally, they weren't sure what to do with the child who would be known as Phlox. They consulted the Seedmother and asked for her guidance. She said to the Grand Master that a great strength was inside the child. They took him in and raised him as Petalian. At first, Phlox felt scared of this world and the Orchideaters, but as his age grew and his wisdom in the art of Petaldance grew, he grew more and more at home among this strange new world. In turned, the Petalians saw Phlox as a true son of Petalis.

However, his time among this home would not last forever. For on one fateful day, Shao Kahn and the forces of Outworld had discovered Petalis' location and attempted to merge it. Phlox and the other Orchideaters had fought valiantly to protect their home, but in the end, Petalis had fallen, and it's only child left... was Phlox. He believed himself too weak to fight and that he failed his home. He had tried to commit suicide when the Seedmother had saved him. 

She said there was a chance to save his home and his people, the Mortal Kombat tournament. She spoke of strange allies and dangerous enemies, but that she would guide him through his trials. With tears running down his face, he thanked her for this new life. A portal had opened, it led to an island. Now, Phlox fights to restore his home and people.


Phlox's appearance consists of a pink and black garb. His face is almost aways covered by a faceplate and a hood with the Orchideater symbol on it. On his arms and hands are bandages covering wounds from previous battles. His wrists have gauntlets, each covered in five-hundred Petalblades, meaning there are one-thousand Petalblades combined, which he uses in combat.


Thornscar: FP, FP, BP.

Rising Wind: FP, FP, BK

Petaldancer: BK, FP, FK, FP+BWD

Petalian Rage: FK+FWD, FK, FP

Essence of the Orchid: BP+FP, BK+FK, BP+FP

Signature MovesEdit

  • Petalsling: FWD, FWD, FP
    • Phlox launches five Petalblades at his opponent.
      • The Enhanced version is known as Petalstrike, and causes damage over time.
  • Vanish: DWN, DWN, FK
    • Phlox disappears into flower petals and teleports behind his opponent.
      • The Enhanced version is known as Vanquish, and adds an attack.
  • Seedmother's Blessing: DWN, FWD, BK.
    • Phlox gains a speed boost and a shield made of floating petals.
      • However, using this move means he cannot use special moves for a time.


  • Garden of Ruin
    • Phlox flips his opponent and kicks them in the neck mid spin. As they rebound off the ground, he slams his wrists into them, embedding his Petalblades into their head. The attack ends with a punch to the face.


  • Blood Flower: BWD, DWN, FWD, DWN, FK
    • All one thousand of Phlox's Petalblades start floating around him, as he blasts them into his opponent, causing them to bleed profusely. They fly out of the targets flesh and start to form a blade around his arm. He charges forth and violently slices them in half.
  • The Seeding: FWD, FWD, DWN, FWD, BP
    • Phlox summons a massive seed and violently rams it down the opponents throat. As they gargle for air and struggle to remove it, a tree bursts from them as their body is ripped apart. Phlox's Petalblades start floating around him as he meditates.


"My home will see life once more!" - Battle Cry, Mortal Kombat (2011)

"My allegiance is to Petalis, not to Earthrealm..." - to Raiden, after he asks Phlox for help.

"Seedmother give me strength!" - when activating Seedmother's Blessing.

"You dare mock my people's memory in my presence?!" - to Johnny Cage, after he makes fun of his flower-based abilities.

"We are both the last sons of extinct races. The most we can do is honor their memories." - to Reptile.

"I can't stop fighting, Shaman. Not until my people breathe again." - to Nightwolf, after asked if his mission may lead to failure.

"There are two Petalian deities, the Seedmother and the Petalfather. They fell in love with each other. She gave birth to us and He made our cradle that was Petalis." - to Raiden, curious about Petalian religion.

"If you think an assassin frightens me, you are gravely mistaken..." to Sektor, after he was ordered for death by the Lin Kuei.

Intro Quotes (MKX)Edit

  • To Johnny Cage:
"Johnny Cage."
"Oooh, flowers. Yeah, real scary..."
"Looks can be decieving."

"'Sup, flower boy?"
"I'm in no mood for this, Cage."
"What's the matter, someone pluck your flowers today?"

"The actor."
"Yep, and the guy who's gonna kick your ass.

"Your blood shall pave my path to glory."
"Remind me to never ask you to do my gardening."

"You are Cassandra's father?"
"Yep, guilty as charged./That, and I'm also incredibly handsome."
"As if there was any doubt."

  • To Scorpion
"You will feel the wrath of the Shirai Ryu."
"And you the fury of the Orchideaters."

"Netherrealm awaits."
"I will drag you with me."
"I am already hellfire incarnate."

"Your end is near."

"You are making a fatal mistake."
"I could say the same for you, Scorpion."
"You will burn."

"You don't want to do this."
"Your soul will burn, Petalian."
"So be it."

  • To D'Vorah
"You will serve the hive."
"I serve no tyrant."
"Then this one will end you."

"A Kytinn."
"Your body will service the hive well."
"Not happening."

"This one wishes to test you."
"Why? So I might release your next generation?"
"This one will enjoy your defeat."

"You're putting your hive in grave danger, D'Vorah."
"Your death is required for the Kahn."
"Then you and your hive shall die."


Mortal kombat phlox by fear sas-d7qnd85

Phlox, in his Orchideater garbs.