A soul who wishes that his sins can be forgiven by the tears of salvation. -Nadil reflecting on his soul.


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Alison was born on Planet Reach. From an early age she was very promising, more advanced then the other students, she was watched carefully by Dr. Halsey. After gathering some information on Alison, Dr. Halsey thought she should meet her herself. Having been noted as an excellent potential subject, Halsey personally met with her at her school. This was a process that had been repeated with many other children, and she was one of the last to be inspected. During her inquiry, she found her to be of stunning intellect, and to have a very analytical mind. Dr. Halsey before she makes her final decision on Alison, she has given her a scenario, and wanted to see how Alison's mind works. Alison stunned Dr.Halsey when she gave her three ways to complete the task.

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